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95 Rock Lincoln offers a front to back software application service to run an online brokerage business. 95 Rock Lincoln white label trading platform consists of Web and Mobile Trading Terminals, OMS, Middle and Back Workplace. Our professional innovation group assists personalizing the platform and links to 3rd celebration execution, cleaning, and market information service providers of our customers' option

95 Rock Lincoln white label trading platform looks after execution, pre-trade and post-trade danger, margin requirements, account balances, trade allowances, compliance and reporting, interaction through REPAIR procedure, reconciliation of account details with the executing/clearing broker and numerous other important performance.

95 Rock Lincoln is an independently owned business founded in 2002. 95 Rock Lincoln group has consistently established custom-made software application for market leaders that was ranked in the very best Online Brokers. Our present offering 95 Rock Lincoln Trader - online trading platform - is currently personal identified by numerous leading United States brokers.




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